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The land of Monpa’s and mountains Tawang– is the blessed valley of North East. And of course, you can’t reach easily to a place where happiness is hidden in sacred spaces. Anything beautiful that the name suggests could not possible to attain so easily and only the people with a thirsty mind and adventurous zeal can attain it. So, this land is called “MonPayal Kyinochung” which means “the hidden and blessed land”

Tawang Motorcycle Tour is one of the most exciting tours that anyone can think of. We shall go beyond driving the bikes. We shall ride over highway, mountains, off roads, rocks and ice (not snow). While the ride shall be tough, we shall be backed up with experienced ride captain, all-rounder mechanic with his tools and spares ready and a backup vehicle with medical and emergency support.

While we shall ride on the daytime, we have planned to spend our nights differently in tents, with local wines, foods, music and dance (Wherever possible).